Worming supplies Wellesbourne

Worming Supplies Wellesbourne

You probably know that your dog can get worms, which are a form of parasite. But did you know that they can cause severe disease, and in the worst-case scenario, be a danger for the whole family? What are the best worming supplies Wellesbourne customers can buy?

How do I tell if my dog has worms?
Worms are parasites that live in the body of an infected dog, using the nutrients from the food to survive. Commonly, this can include roundworms, tapeworms or hookworms. These can be a cause of discomfort for the dog but can also cause them to become severely ill.
You might notice that there are worms, or parts of worms, in the stools of your dog. But the signs might be less obvious. It could be that your dog drags its bottom on the floor more regularly, or that it has diarrhoea, or a swollen abdomen. It could also be that they pay extra attention to their anus as they are uncomfortable, or that they have weight loss or their hair becomes less healthy. If you are worried about any symptoms in your dog, consult your vet. This could be when you need to buy the best choice of worming supplies Wellesbourne has available.

How do dogs get worms?
One way that dogs get worms is through what they eat. Worms for parasites can be found in soil which has been contaminated in faecal matter, as well as around old food that has not been discarded. Parasites can also be ingested from eating rodents that are infected, or from having parasites like fleas that get out of control.

What is the danger to humans?
Although the main danger of worms is to your dog, it is possible that they can pass to humans in your family. This could be by not washing hands, having come into contact with the parasites or their eggs. A common risk is if children play on ground where dogs have gone to the toilet and then touch their face or mouth.

How can I treat worms in my dog?
Many problems with worms can be dealt with by worming supplies. These are medications, usually tablets, which can kill the parasites and make the intestines inhospitable for them to survive. When it comes to finding the best choice in worming supplies, Wellesbourne customers should shop at Watermill Feeds. The expert team can advise you on the best options of worming supplies Wellesbourne customers can choose from. By purchasing the correct worming supplies, Wellesbourne pet owners can be confident that they can help their pet by removing the problem.

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To find out more about the best choice in worming supplies Wellesbourne customers have available, contact the help team at Watermill Feed.