Our Own Brands

Watermill own brand horse feed is extremley popular, it has been carefully designed, formulated and manufactured by Falcon Feeds.  Being delivered directly to Watermill Feeds on their own transport traceability and freshness are assured.  


Watermill Coarse Mix

A non- heating, high fibre and low starch mix. Suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work. Protein 9%, Oil 3.25%, Fibre 12.5%

Watermill Horse and Pony Cubes

Suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work. Non-heating and fully mineralised. Protein 10%, Oil 3.5%, Fibre 15%

Watermill Build-up Mix

Optimum energy in a non-heating form. High calorie for improved weight gain without encouraging excitable behaviour. Healthier low starch and high fibre than traditional conditioners. Contains probiotic yeast digestive aid to maintain hind gut stability and to improve digestibility. Protein 13%, Oil 6.2%, Fibre 11.7%

Watermill Conditioning Cubes 

Non heating. For extra condition and topline. Contains Yea-Sacc for hind gut health. Protein 12.5%, Oil 5%, Fibre 10%

Watermill Stud Mix

High quality protein providing essential amino acids with elivated vitamins and minerals. High in oil. Contains probiotic yeast. Protein 15.5%, Oil 6%, Fibre 7.7%

Watermill Competition Mix

Formulated to provide horses and ponies in medium to hard work with the correct amount of carbohydrates (energy), proteins (repair of cells) and vitamins for optimum performance. Protein 11%, Oil 5.5%, Fibre 11%

Watermill Molassed Chaff 

A molassed chaff ideal for bulking out feeds as well as providing essential fibre required for maximum hind gut digestion efficiency.