Animal bedding Wellesbourne

Animal Bedding Wellesbourne

If you have pets, then they will need animal bedding. With some animals like dogs and cats, it is simple – a cushioned bed is easy to sort out. But for larger animals, like horses, or other pets like hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs, you need to have the right type of bedding.

At Watermill Feeds, you will find the best options for animal bedding Wellesbourne has to offer. They stock a variety of the types of animal bedding Wellesbourne customers need, so that you can buy exactly what you need at an affordable price. If you are not sure what type of animal bedding would be best, you can ask for advice at Watermill Feeds, because they are experts in animal supplies.

Here are some of the most popular options for animal bedding Wellesbourne customers use:
• Small and large flaked shavings
A simple form of animal bedding Wellesbourne customers buy are small or large wood flakes. These are ideal for smaller animals. The wood flakes offer a warm bedding material for pets, great for keeping them warm and comfortable. The natural wood also has natural properties which reduce odours, which is useful for preventing the kennel, hutch or cage smelling.
• Megazorb
Megazorb is a form of animal bedding Wellesbourne customers use for horses, as well as other animals. It is manufactured from virgin wood pulp, to create a warm, comfortable animal bedding material. It is extremely absorbent, more so than most other materials that you could use. Because it is heated to 500°C in the manufacturing process, any dust and mould spores are destroyed, meaning that it is safe for animals.
• Easibed
Easibed is another choice of animal bedding Wellesbourne customers use for their horses. It is dust free wood fibre bedding. It is a warm and comfortable material that is easy to muck out, saving you time and energy in managing your stables. It is biodegradable and does not blow around, making it easier to keep your stables tidy and your animals comfortable.
• Chopped rape straw
Chopped rape straw is another common choice of animal bedding Wellesbourne horse owners use. The pithy centre of the straw has absorbent qualities, making it an affordable and effective option for animal bedding. With rape straw, it is important to buy from a reputable supplier of animal bedding to ensure that you are not buying rape straw that has been contaminated with herbicides that can harm livestock,
• Cardboard, flax and wood pellets.
Some customers prefer pellets made from cardboard, flax or wood. These pellets are designed to be absorbent and comfortable. They can be used for all animal types – the staff at Watermill Feeds can advise you. The pellets are dust free, making them safe for your pets.

When it comes to finding the best choice of animal bedding Wellesbourne customers will not find better than Watermill Feeds. You will also find yard equipment and own brands horse and pony feed, all in one place. For advice and all enquiries, contact the help team who are waiting to hear from you.