Horse racing equipment Wellesbourne

Horse Racing Equipment Wellesbourne

If you are starting out in horse racing, you need to think carefully about your horse racing equipment. As with all sports and hobbies, there is a balance between needing to spend enough to get a good start, without not going overboard at the beginning and buying more equipment than you will need. It is often good to buy what is needed and then to add to it as you develop skill and experience.

With horse racing equipment, Wellesbourne riders can follow the same principle. What is the horse racing equipment Wellesbourne riders need to buy to get started. We will assume that you already have access to a horse if you are thinking about horse racing equipment…

Your own safety is a key issue, so the first horse racing equipment Wellesbourne riders should invest in is personal clothing. A key piece of equipment is a good helmet. It is more likely in racing that you will risk a fall, compared to more sedate horse riding. This is not something to cut corners on, and buying second hand is questionable unless you can be certain that the helmet has not already been dropped or worn in a fall. Additionally, when shopping for horse racing equipment, Wellesbourne riders should consider good quality gloves and a protective safety vest. This equipment will all protect you if anything goes wrong. Safety is important in any sport.

You should also consider your horse. When buying horse racing equipment, Wellesbourne riders may already have some of the basics, like a saddle, reins and a bit. However, you will need to add two extra pieces of horse racing equipment. The first is blinkers. These go over the eyes of the horse and limit their peripheral vision. This is important because in horse racing, there will be distractions to either side in the form of competing horses but also potentially the audience and surroundings. Blinkers prevent the horse becoming scared or distracted by things to either side.

Another important piece of horse racing equipment Wellesbourne riders will need is a riding crop. This is a short handle with a piece of material that acts as a whip. Riders need to learn to use this carefully, without harming the animal, to signal that the horse should run faster. With all horse racing equipment Wellesbourne riders will need to take time to train the horse with the equipment before it can be ridden in a race.

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