Dog food Wellesbourne

Dog Food Wellesbourne

“Man’s best friend.”
People often use this phrase to describe the relationship that dogs and humans can have. The phrase itself is not new, and reportedly dates back to 1789, when King Frederick of Prussia used the phrase to describe the loyalty that dogs can show for humans.

It is likely that you feel the same about your dog. When you get home, your dog is waiting for you, always excited to see you. Your dog recognises your voice and knows your routine, and when you are feeling low your dog curls up on the settee with you to make you feel better.

It is no wonder that as a pet owner, you want to care for your dog’s diet. When it comes to dog food, Wellesbourne pet owners want to make good decisions. Unfortunately, despite good intentions, not all dog owners provide a diet that meets their pet’s needs. So how can you make sure your dog has a healthy diet?

What should you avoid?
When it comes to dog food, Wellesbourne pet owners should avoid foods that are not healthy for dogs. An obvious example is chocolate, which can be dangerous to dogs. However, there are other foods that are less obvious. Onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, nuts and salty snacks like crisps, as well as large quantities of dairy products, are all potentially harmful to dogs. When it comes to dog food, Wellesbourne pet owners are wise to avoid these food types.

What should you feed your dog?
For dog food, Wellesbourne pet owners have lots of options. There are many choices of pet food that can be bought which contain a balanced nutritional combination which. By selecting these balanced brands of dog food, Wellesbourne pet owners can ensure that their best friend has all the nutrients and vitamins that they need to be healthy and well nourished.
If you do want to add other foods to the dog food Wellesbourne pet owners can buy, stick to foods which will be beneficial for your dog. These include things like carrots, apples, white rice, bananas, cucumbers and blueberries. These can be healthy snacks which your dog will enjoy and which give additional minerals and vitamins. If in doubt, why not ask your vet for other suggestions to add to the dog food that are safe for your dog?

How much should you feed your dog?
When giving dog food, Wellesbourne pet owners should be careful with quantities. It is easy to overfeed a dog. By consulting the packaging of the dog food, Wellesbourne pet owners can make sure that they are not overfeeding their dog which can cause poor health.

When it comes to buying quality dog food, Wellesbourne dog owners can rely on Watermill Feeds. They are specialists in animal care supplies, including dog food and worming supplies. Why not keep an eye on the offers and discounts page of the website for money saving opportunities. For all enquiries about dog food, Wellesbourne pet owners can contact the help team who are waiting to hear from you.